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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Things I Love Thursdays... Jamaica


The sun greeted me as I stepped off the plane
Calling me in a way that only a mother can
Her warmth embraced me
She came with strong arms and a cool breeze.
Gently so as not to alarm.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear my soul relax
It was an unexpected sound
It was the sound of home

The air was thick with God, sex and magic
My heart beat to the sound of the bass
I was intoxicated
I was home

As I floated through the days
My senses somersaulted through the welcoming party
Music blasting through my veins,
Calling me to attention
The sing song of the people soothed
While my heart danced to stolen glances from secret friends

For my eyes, there were colours.
Some vibrant with youth,
Some wise and subdued with experience.
Pastels, and reds and yellows and greens and browns

Oh the browns
The brown earth,
The brown skins,
My earth, my skin
Our earth, our skin
Kissed, caressed and burnt by the sun
Our brown that tells a million stories
Stories of pain and beauty and captivity and freedom
Stories of home.

I am home.

Peace & Love
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Sunday, 17 November 2013


It's been a while since I got behind the camera seriously because I've been sooooo busy but I finally got to exercise those muscles with my homegirl Marie Dahlstrom, the very talented Danish soul singer.

In between catching up on life, eating & drinking wine, we managed to get some pretty cool shots!. Look out for her EP Gloom, coming soon!

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

International Women's Day

This post is dedicated to the women and girls across the world. It's for the daughters, the sisters, the mothers, the friends and the lovers. It's for those that inspire us; the freedom fighters, the entrepreneurs, the activists, the performers, the leaders. It's for the beautiful women that capture our imagination and ignite our jealousies. It's for the poets and storytellers that sing our lives with their songs. It's for the women who don't have a voice, who aren't allowed to learn, or to vote or to drive or to show their faces. It's for the ones that suffer abuse at the hands of those that should protect them and who silently carry their pain. It's for the women that have been betrayed or lied to and those that have betrayed and lied. It's for those that choose to stand and be counted and for those that quietly take a stand behind closed doors. It's for those that flaunt their sexuality in the name of freedom and those that see modesty as their strength.

But most of all it is for you, and for we, and for me.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Too weak to carry heavy weights but strong enough to carry life. As young women, our vitality turns heads and stops traffic, giving way to stretch marks that bare the scars of a fruitful womb. Our tears may flow freely but our courage will never shrink.

Peace & Love to all the woman and lovers of woman across the world, let us celebrate each other, today and forever.


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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Lady Loves Cake

This is one of the pictures from my latest photo shoot with the beautiful and talented Marie Dahlstrøm, an up and coming soul singer from Denmark, currently based in London.

Me hard at work!

We had a lot of fun on the day and I managed to grab a sneaky picture of her eating one of the red velvet cupcakes that I bought along to keep our sugar levels up. I have no idea how she manages to make eating look quite like that, maybe one day when I grow up I'll discover the secret!

I'll be posting more pictures of this shoot and other on my Tumblr blog over the coming week so keep an eye out.

Peace & Love

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